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Animal Portraiture with Johanne Mangi
Event Date: Jul 11, 2018
Gallery/Artist: Village Arts Of Putney
Venue: Village Arts of Putney, Vermont
Website: www.VillageArtsofPutney.fineaw.com
Event Description:

Wednesday-Friday, July 11-13, 2018          9:00am—4:00pm        Tuition: $350  (plus $20 model fee)


We had so much fun last summer  in this workshop painting dog portraits that we are offering it again!  Johanne Mangi, animal painter extraordinaire, will share and guide you on how to capture the spirit of pets and animals in an extraordinary way.  If you are inspired to paint animals, do not miss this fun and special workshop!


This workshop will focus on the beloved canine as Fine Art. We will concentrate on the dog’s underlying gesture as well as its unique personality. Through lively brushwork we will capture our subject’s essence as well as likeness.


We will have an opportunity to study a live model to further understand our photo references.  Despite the general use of photos, first and foremost, it is from life that we acquire the skill to know what to look for.


Expect demos throughout the workshop beginning with a head study and then proceeding to specific parts such as the eye and nose.  We will always be mindful of form, values and edges with temperature bringing up the rear. Fur can be challenging but we will tackle that no problem.


We will start out with energetic quick sketches to loosen up. Drawing will be primarily about muscle memory and less about exactness.  We are headed towards NO FEAR Painting and this is part of the process. Next, we will use a limited palette to keep your mind unclut

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