Fine Art World Featured Artist Michelle Mitchell
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Bronwen Jones Watercolors - May, 2024
Sophy Brown - April, 2024
Scott Mattlin - March, 2024
Kim Weiland - January, 2024
Mark Thompson - December, 2023
Gail Marchetti - November, 2023
Dmitri Danish - July, 2023
Jan Bushart - June, 2023
Scott Jacobs - May, 2023
Jody Madson - April, 2023
Melinda Nemechek - March, 2023
Desmond O'Hagan - January, 2023
Nikolo Balkanski - November, 2022
Kathy Anderson - October, 2022
Sophy Brown - August, 2022
Tatiana Yanovskaya - June, 2022
David Uhl - May, 2022
Elaine St Louis - March, 2022
Judy Greenan - November, 2021
Douglas Wodark - March, 2021
Carolyn Anderson - January, 2021
Rick Wheeler - December, 2020
Reenie Kennedy - August, 2020
Elizabeth Sage - March, 2020
Dmitry Sevryukov - February, 2020
Richard Wallich - January, 2020
Richard Wallich - December, 2019
Dan Beck - November, 2019
Mark Thompson - September, 2019
Marjorie Cranston - August, 2019
Carrie Fell - July, 2019
Gregory Block - April, 2019
Judy Greenan - February, 2019
Sophy Brown - December, 2018
Judith Dickinson - November, 2018
Lorenzo Chavez - October, 2018
Ginger Whellock - September, 2018
Darlene Newman - July, 2018
Petra Ackermann - June, 2018
Laine Dobson - May, 2018
Judith Dickinson - April, 2018
Laurie Donlon - March, 2018
Douglas Miley - February, 2018
Nikolo Balkanski - December, 2017
Jaime Lee Kirchner - November, 2017
Ed French - October, 2017
Douglas Wodark - September, 2017
Mark Thompson - August, 2017
Scott Mattlin - July, 2017
Ed French - March, 2017
Jan Bushart - February, 2017
Yiling Chiu - January, 2017
Ron Hicks - December, 2016
Richard Harpum - November, 2016
Richard Hall - September, 2016
Laine Dobson - August, 2016
Melissa Stuart - June, 2016
Stacey Peterson - May, 2016
Judy Greenan - March, 2016
Dan Beck - January, 2016
Anita Mosher - November, 2015
Joseph Lorusso - October, 2015
Marc Bernardi - September, 2015
Kalon Baughan - June, 2015
Karsten Balsley - May, 2015
Jason Lucas - April, 2015
Lorenzo Chavez - March, 2015
Marjorie Cranston - February, 2015
Petra Ackermann - January, 2015
Timothy W. Jahn - December, 2014
Edward Aldrich - November, 2014
Gregory Block - October, 2014
Anthony Ryder - September, 2014
Remley Martin - August, 2014
Mark Thompson - July, 2014
Judith Dickinson - June, 2014
Jeremy Manyik - March, 2014
Jan Bushart - February, 2014
Scott Mattlin - January, 2014
Kevin Daniel - November, 2013
Ron Bernard - October, 2013
Richard Schmid - September, 2013
Gregory Block - August, 2013
Judith Dickinson - May, 2013
Carol Sass Tuttle - April, 2013
Diane M Anderson - January, 2013
Reenie Kennedy - October, 2012
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Fine Art World

Fine Art World, LLC is a fine art company providing artists, photographers, and galleries with a variety of web-related products and services including easy-to-use fine art websites. Fine Art World's two primary services or products include:

Fine Art World created as an online fine art gallery and marketplace where artists, galleries, and art collectors world wide can browse, buy, and sell artwork on a global stage. Artists and galleries are given Community Websites that allow them to sell and display their artwork within Art collectors receive Free Viewer Memberships that give them tools for saving information about their favorite artists, galleries, and artwork.

Fine Art World provides Independent Websites or “stand-alone” websites to artists and galleries. These fine art websites provide the same powerful tools as the Community Websites, but come with their own web address and a variety of templates and color schemes to choose from.

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Fine Art World Artist Community Website Example

Community Websites - Artist / Gallery (

Fine Art World, LLC created Community Websites as an internal component of Community Websites give artists and galleries more exposure to art collectors than traditional stand-alone websites.

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Independent Websites - Artist / Gallery (

Fine Art World, LLC designed Independent Websites as "stand-alone" websites for artists and galleries. Independent Websites come in a variety of templates and styles, and have their own separate web address (

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Free Viewer - Art Collectors, Visitors, & Interior Designers is designed with art collectors and enthusiasts in mind. Visitors can sign up for a free viewer account allowing them to save information about their favorite artists, galleries, and artwork.

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Quang Ho Artist Website Design Example

Artist Website Design & Development

Fine Art World, LLC designs and develops powerful easy-to-use artist websites with built-in e-commerce tools and content management systems (CMS). Artists instantly update and manage their artwork and other content.
- Community Websites for Artists
- Independent Websites for Artists

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Grizzley Creek Framing Gallery Website Example

Gallery Website Design & Development

Fine Art World, LLC designs and develops custom e-commerce gallery websites with built-in easy-to-use content management systems (CMS). Galleries quickly and easily manage their artists, artwork, and other content.
- Community Websites for Galleries
- Independent Websites for Galleries

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Online Marketing Tools for Artists and Galleries

Online Marketing Tools

Fine Art World, LLC provides certain artist and gallery members with online marketing tools such as Guest Book, Email Marketing, and Site Statistics.

Content Management System for Artists and Galleries

Content Management Systems

Artists and galleries can upload and manage artwork and other content once, and it instantly appears on both their Independent Website and their Community Website.

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E-Commerce Websites Powered by Paypal

E-Commerce Tools Powered by PayPal

Artist and Gallery members can sell artwork directly though their Fine Art World Independent Websites and Community Websites with Fine Art World’s built-in e-commerce tools powered by Paypal.

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Customer Service

Fine Art World, LLC provides a high level of customer service to its members and visitors. Fine Art World websites and products are easy-to-use, but just in case we're here to help.
Monday through Friday 10 am to 5 pm

Artist Testimonials

Sophy Brown
"I love my Fine Art World website, and can not imagine how I ever got along without it. For someone who is very far from computer savvy like me, it is simple to manage. Updating artwork and news, and keeping track of site statistics is all simple, and if ever I have questions, Fine Art World is there to walk me through it."

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Doug Wodark
"The sites offered through FIne Art World are great looking. My website works well and has a lot of different facets to it. The ability to email my customer list is great. The staff is always working at upgrading and offering new features to the sites."
Read More | Visit Douglas's Community Website | Visit Douglas's Independent Website

Ed French
"I am very happy with Fine Art World's website! I built and managed my own site for 10 years but did not have the features their fine art websites offer. I love the animation, the ease of art management, and the e-store. The graphic design and therefore look is great. Love it, love it, love it!"
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Judy Greenan
"I am very pleased with my Fine Art World Website. The customer service and attention I have received has been outstanding and always timely. Their sense of web design and professional presentation of my work makes me proud to be a part of"
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